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I just discovered yesterday that I probably have aphantasia. I’m 34 and did not realized that other people can see images in their mind. I assumed they were speaking figuratively. My mind is a bit blown right now as I digest everything. It’s already made a lot of things in my past start to “click” and it’s pretty emotional. Did anyone else have this experience?

Another question. Does everyone else struggle with memory? I don’t remember most of my childhood but could never figure out why. Is this maybe the cause?

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Hi Kristen – and welcome to the club! Like you, my mind was blown when I discovered I had Aphantasia. I suspect many of us had absolutely no idea that other people really could see mental images. 
I suspect many of us ascribe personal traits to Aphantasia – but the proof will only come through detailed studies. Having said that, my experience is like yours; my memory is hopeless. I am also useless at learning languages ….. a friend who speaks multiple languages asked me how I can possibly learn without “seeing” words and images in my mind! (I honestly thought he was joking ….. he explained that he sees words and can manipulate them in his mind, and this is how he remembers and checks spellings!). However I survived to 55 without knowing I had Aphantasia and I suspect the overall impact is relatively minimal. But it is fascinating!!! 

Kristen – I also recently discovered I have Aphantasia and my mind is blown too. I am 59. However, I have a great memory starting from about 3 years old. I don’t know if this will make you feel better, but I think most people do not have great memories. 

I am hopeless at memories. This is an advantage for negative experiences I think. My autobiographical memories are limited. I also have  trouble  keeping track of time lines: how long have I been married, when something happened. 
i think this is why I like to keep trinkets around from trips or experiences, they help me remember. 

Lol everyone had this experience! :p 

Look up SDAM. A lot of people with Aphantasia also have SDAM, which affects memory.