Hiya, just to say I am 66 years old and have just found out I have aphantasia

Due to a discussion regarding books and the making of films after, my partner said he didn’t like it because the characters weren’t like he Imagined, to which I replied oh I like it because it makes more sense to me because I never imagine them. Hence the big discussion of how can I not imagine them and that if he reads a book he’s seeing everything in his mind. This as really messed with my head and made me realise why I’ve never really enjoyed reading because in just reading words. Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense but it all new to me. Ps plus I’m rubbish at technology so don’t even know if this is where I’m suppose to be writing this. But thank you 😊

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Hi, I also just discovered this about myself.  It is so strange to hear people all your life say “visualize” something and they really were expecting you to. I bet I would have read more books when I was younger if I could have imagined visually the characters and scenery. 

Greetings Sharon:

I am aphantasic and 63 years old, and my aphant sister is 66.  I also have a hyperphantasic sister who is 68.  We always thought that “mind’s eye” was a metaphor, until I discovered the VVIQ research about 10 years ago.

My oldest sister reads 700-800 wpm, while we aphants process reading by internal vocalization and are limited to 200-250 wpm.  We just thought we were stupid.

Another odd thing about we, aphants, is we both received tetracycline as children and are victims of tetracycline staining of our adult teeth.  You are in the age range where you may have experinced that, too.  Did you?

Welcome to the forum, and I hope you discover useful things.

Warmest regards,