What does ChatGPT know about Aphantasia?

Inspired by recent technological developments I decided to ask ChatGPT: “What are the main advantages of living with aphantasia?”

Its response:

“Aphantasia is a condition in which an individual is unable to form mental images or visualize in their mind’s eye. While living with aphantasia can present some challenges, there may also be some advantages to this condition. Here are a few potential advantages of living with aphantasia:

  1. Greater focus and concentration: Some people with aphantasia find that they are able to focus and concentrate more easily because they are not distracted by mental images or visual distractions.
  2. Improved memory: Some research suggests that people with aphantasia may be more reliant on verbal and written information, which can lead to improved memory for facts and details.
  3. Greater creativity: Some individuals with aphantasia report that they have to be more creative in finding ways to remember and understand information, which may lead to increased creativity in other areas of their lives.
  4. Enhanced verbal skills: Because people with aphantasia may rely more on verbal information and communication, they may have stronger verbal skills, including the ability to listen, speak, and articulate ideas effectively.

It is important to note that every individual with aphantasia is unique and may experience different advantages or challenges.”

I think it did a good job, as I feel all the numbered items apply to me, and numbers 3 and 4 were even new insights that I did not link to aphantasia before!

What are your thoughts? Any advantages that ChatGPT has missed?

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According to my partner the thing she is most jealous of is the fact that I don’t dwell on things.
She still gets stressed out by things that happened to her as a child as she can remember them in extremely rich detail. whereas I can remember of things but with no detail, almost as if it had happened to somebody else.