How do hyperphantasics experience their internal imagery? Second screen? Flipping context? Inquiring aphantasics want to know.

There are a lot of videos of aphantasics describing their experience of no visual imagery, but I want to know how hyperphantasics experience visual imagery.

Does it appear on another virtual screen?

Can it be seen at the same time as the normal visual perception?

Can they move attention and focus back and forth, or can they superimpose the images?

Is visual imagery accompanied by an eye movement or a thought process?

Inquiring aphantasics want to know.

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Hello Rich, this is a very good question.

You may find this article Visualizing the Invisible by Melanie Scheer, a hyperphantasic designer helpful. It shows a new way to depict the visual imagination spectrum with useful visuals showing the wide spectrum of visual imagery abilities. The study was conducted with a group of designers.

While it doesn’t answer all your questions related to the experience of hyperphantasia, it’s a good place to start! Hyperphantasia is even less studied/understood than aphantaisa at this point, but with greater awareness, we hope this changes.

Not really sure if this will help, but

1) when i close my eyes there are pictures

2) the pictures will appear as a montage, but moving

3) by the time i open my mouth to describe one of them, it morfs in to something else

4) whatever i choose to see never appears, only the morfing montage

5) there is no sound or smell

6) if i open my eyes, then immediately close them, a completely different picture has taken it’s place, entirely unrelated to the one just prior

Happy hunting