Spiritual Development skills Aphants tend to have ?

So I am full Aphant, SDAM, SPD and ADHD. All realised last year at the age of 57. My ADHD got diagnosed just over year ago, and the rest then became apparent. Which was all tough to take. But we try to understand and adapt.
Also gave up alcohol & class A’s for over a year now, which I believed was a big reason for all my conditions. 
I have been on my spiritual journey for over 15 months, and it is 1 of the best choices I have ever made in my life. But the lack of vision for meditation and manifest, (Neville Goddard has a manifest technique called SATS) is annoying but lack of third eye is the most frustrating. 
I have had a breakthrough with DMT, but no amount of pineal work seems to help. I have changed from total black vision all time to seeing, some little white lights appearing sometimes, and in nature as its lighter out, it feels as if there’s movement within that light, like energy, maybe. 
There’s a great guy called Gene on Astral doorway, who has come across this, and has fixed his paying clients, and they have connected. But I cannot afford that. There was an IT expert I had read once (cannot find article) who used hemi sync training and something else to fix this. 
I was on a Q & A with Ismael Perez (Our Cosmic Origin, best selling writer) last week, and I put a Question to him, regarding this, and wondering also , was there a reason I had maybe put this in my blueprint as a starseed, to understand something?
He replied with. “He had never heard of it, but felt that there was a strong possibility that there would be other enhanced abilities, like telepathy or connection to animals, or other psychic abilities. As in a blind person, has enhanced hearing.”

So I suppose the spiritually developed aphants in the group is where this question is aimed. Anything that can work as a catalyst in my development. 

Thank you for taking the time to read, and possibly answer.

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