Aphantasia and psychic abilities


Hi there, I just stumbled upon this site and the whole concept of aphantasia today. I must admit that I have long been of the opinion that I wasn’t seeing quite what other people see, but had also assumed the the “mind’s eye” was not all it was described to be, and that perhaps people have verying degrees of mental visuality, and mine was either very poor or perhaps even non existent.

All of which is even more fascintating to me because I spent over 10 years training as a medium. Whilst my abilities in the psychic world were not as stellar as some psychics/mediums I’ve seen, I was often able to describe things to people that they were able to acknowledge, but without me being able to “see” what I was describing.

I appreciate that this dialogue is not for everyone, so hopefully I’ve not caused any offence. I had planned to start out by replying to a recent post by Paul Tracey, but can’t see how to do so.

The interesting part for me here, is that whilst I have read about people with aphantasia describing things from memory rather than visualising them, it brings an extra twist to it if you are trying to describe something to somebody that you personally have never seen before.


I’d love to discuss things further with any others on here that have done any kind of psychic development. Long shot I know.

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