Is this aphantasia?


Hey, I recently discovered that I probably have aphantasia, but I am not completely sure. I can’t visualize touch smell or taste, i can’t even remember how things tasted smelled or felt besides some descriptive words, and I can not see new imagines. Sometimes, when I am calm and there is nothing to distract me I can kind of see imagines of things I saw before. They come like a flash and I can only rarely control what I see and they are very blurry. As soon as I try to focus on them, they disappear. It usually works best with pictures, I never see any movement and the colors are very dim or not there at all.

So my question is, is this normal or do I have aphantasia?


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Welcome to Aphantasia. Each person’s version is unique to them.

What is normal? While I can’t diagnose you, I believe this is in the aphantasia spectrum. I experience my aphantasia much like you. I have found that if I begin to free write in my journal, more and more memories come out of the little flash. I am beginning to think that you can adapt and use different tools to “visualize”. The key for me has been accepting that this is how my brain works and then flowing with it’s style. The more I think, the more I try to make the “visions” clear, the faster they disappear.

Hi Lorilana,

Similar to you, if i have looked at a picture many times in the past i have a broad idea of what it looks like, but can not pull it up in my mind. say like a picture of me and a family member I know what it looks like but I wouldn’t be able to draw it.

I don’t know if that helps. 

Its normal for us =)