I have aphantasia, but somehow can picture dynamics and movement…

Okay, it’s not exactly that I can visualize movement. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s without visuals yet I can still imagine movement almost as Vivid as seeing it in real life. Also I can imagine Dynamics, something like a blueprint for map or a location from a bird’s eye view, except there are no physicals. Does anybody else experience this?

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Yes! It feels a bit out of body or a bit woo-woo like I’m channeling a spirit, the universe, or angels. Or that I’m claircognizant.  It’s very strange because, I am not attached to a religion and not sure if I even believe in God. And I’m not sure I believe in the clair’s. The more I let go of trying to accept or deny those things, the more experiences I have. And then I wonder if it matters whether I know if any of these things are real or not. I have also found that when something comes in, if I free write about it, I get even more information. I often call the knowing and how I hear a voice in my head my inner narrator. 

It sounds like motor imagery, or the ability to imagine movement without actually performing the action with your body. Most people with visual aphantasia can still experience imagery in the other sense modalities (to varying degrees). Some will have multisensory aphantasia, or the absence of mental imagery in all senses. Fascinating how our inner experiences can be so different from one another, and we’re only just beginning to realize it!  

Yes I “visualize” movement, without any pictures in my mind. Sometimes I describe to people close to me an example of the show The Flash. I can’t picture or visualize anything from the show, but if I think about the Flash running, I get a sense of movement in my head, and I almost feel like I can see him running with lightning out behind him. There’s still no images in my mind, and it isn’t a physical feeling either, but its the closest I get to a visual picture, when I think about movement, or something moving.