community in Scotland


my name is Kate and I live in Scotland. I wondered if there were any other people here living in Scotland?

I’ve contacted a few organisations after being inspired by reading about the recent Aphantasia Awareness Day they had in Texas, and I wanted to try to do that over here, but it would surely be best to get to know and work alongside other aphantasic people (I myself am aphantasic).

If you could, please do say hello!

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Hey Kate, what an inspired idea! We’d love to see more awareness days in cities all around the world. You should consider joining the Network as a member. We have channels in our Discord community to connect aphants more locally, host regular virtual meetups and events, and you can meet the advocates/members who made this happen in Texas! 

Hello!  I live near Glasgow.  I’m somewhat wary of the idea of meeting randomers from the internet in person but based on my discussions with others locally there have to be plenty of Scottish aphantasiacs.  If that’s the term!