I have Aphantasia and I am Ok


Hello all, I’m Chuck and I have Aphantasia. I have an amazing memory for facts, bits of history, and all kinds of things. I multi task better than most. I do have dyslexia, and I don’t spell as well as others.

If you ask me a question about something I know, I can give you all the big and little detail.  I play music, I’m a flautist and I don’t practice enough but I can make music.  I can read a book and memorize much of it the first time through it. I’m a publish author.

I do not see any images in my as some call it the “Mind’s eye.” I do have a little bit of visual in dreams, but very little and mostly things are soft gray. 

Here’s where this has been leading to, my having Aphantasia does not need therapy. It does not need fixing.  I do not say, “I can see that,”  but I do say, “I know that.”

There are things I do throughout my dailey life that help me do things better, but I do not need therapy.

I a,m enjoying life, I make a good living, and I am happy. I don’t need to be fixed, Aphantasia is not a deicit within my live.

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