Meditation and Visualization Programs

Question: Can Meditation or Visualization Programs be of any assistance in gaining full multisensory phantasia?

I have had multisensory aphantasia for as long as I can remember, I am now 63 years old. My hope is that there is a breakthrough modality that can penetrate our subconscious/pineal gland to make full phantasia a reality for myself and others. If anyone knows of or had any success with something, I'd sure appreciate your input in this discussion.

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No, at least not in my experience

Hello! Yes! My interest in the potential of this topic is precisely why I joined the Aphantasia Network moments ago after literally just discovering that there’s a name for what I’ve experienced my whole life, i.e. no visual imagination. The only exception to this has been rare occasions while meditating or in the liminal zone/hypnogogic/hypnopompic space whilst meditating/falling asleep. Occasionally while in this state I will experience flashes of startling visual imagery and sometimes sound, including, but not limited to text, colours, flashes and animated movies. Often I’ve heard these visualizations and audio experiences referred to as Clairvoyance and Clairaudience respectively. I have been attempting to increase the frequency and controllability of these experiences via different meditation programs such as The Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience via the Monroe Institute and Silva Ultramind through Mind Valley, which is what I’m currently participating in. In fact, just last night I had a breakthrough visualization experience while falling asleep after participating in the 8th of 28 Ultramind Lessons. I should reiterate that these experiences are a separate phenomenon, not normal nor lucid dreaming. Looking forward to continuing this discussion! Dylon

Sad to see that my response to this question from earlier was deleted??? Mayhaps mistaken for spam? I don’t know, but my answer to this question is an emphatic yes with the desire to discuss!

I haven’t had the patience to engage consistently in meditation but I have seen some visual imagery while meditating…always plants or landscapes that are from memory and experienced hearing a string of music in my mind from one of the beethoven sonatas, recreated perfectly. Normally I cannot hear music in my head. So I think there’s the potential there, except in these states my experience of both the music and the images has been still that it is not under voluntary control. I cannot choose what I want to see or hear.