just finding out about aphantasia


A few days ago i came to realise that i’m pretty sure i have aphantasia and since i’ve done much research. i’ve always thought that my mind was ‘normal’ but i saw a post saying how when people read they can see it like movie scenes in their head and many were agreeing but i came to realise i couldn’t do that and started to ask myself why and looked for answers and it’s lead me to this. i’ve never been able to plan my own future as i genuinely can’t even see what it would look like and i always wondered how people could but at the time i didn’t think any different. when imaging i know what things are, like a box but when it comes to imagining it and describing what i see i’m at a loss. i feel like i’m missing out on something really exciting that i’ve never known i could of had and through research i’ve realised not many people realise till their older and i’m only 16 and just figuring this out. i may be wrong but could this be why i’m more anxious all the time i’m not sure how to put it but i always look sad even if i’m not and never really find myself happy much could this be due to this with lack of imagination on scenarios or remembering in detail the happy moments(i still remember but i don’t feel the emotion i felt in that point if that made sense) this is going on a while and i’m missing little points out but this is the gist

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Hello Summer, thank you for sharing your recent realization about having aphantasia. It’s understandable that this discovery has led you to research and reflect on your experiences. Realizing that your mind works differently can be significant and sometimes overwhelming.

Many people with aphantasia have similar experiences to what you described. The inability to visualize or see detailed mental images can affect aspects of life like future planning, remembering past events and emotional experiences. While it may feel like you’re missing out, remember that everyone’s experience is unique, and aphantasia doesn’t limit your potential.

Regarding anxiety and emotional experiences, there might be some connection, but it’s essential to approach it with caution. Aphantasia itself doesn’t cause anxiety or the inability to feel emotions fully, but it can impact how we process certain experiences. If you’re concerned, consider reaching out to a mental health professional for guidance.

Remember, aphantasia is just one aspect of who you are. Focus on discovering your strengths, nurturing your passions, and building a life that aligns with your unique experiences.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out. You’re not alone, and there are communities and resources available for support.

Think of Aphantasia as being no different in practice than being left-handed in a world in which most of the other people are right-handed. Aphantasia is the ability to think without the distraction of visual images.

Summer, having aphantasia is no big deal. Think of it this way. Millions of people in the past have lived and died with aphantasia without ever knowing they were any different from anybody else. If it was important, if it made much of a difference to life, it would have been noticed long before now. Just enjoy your life and all it’s blessings.