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When I first read an article on aphantasia, I had a real sense of relief. I finally understood a lot of things at once, including why I wasn't visualizing during practices in Tibetan Tantrism, to which I've been connected for almost 40 years… I've tried talking to various people about it, lamas etc. … without ever getting any answers. I'm sure other people are in the same situation as me, I have the example of a woman who told me she "had the same problem" but for me it was never a problem. I've always dealt with it without knowing it, I've studied and become a family doctor without any difficulty because of my aphantasia! In fact, this lady went on the Internet and was distraught to see that there were more cases of Alzheimer's disease among people with aphantasia: I reassured her as best I could. Here, in a few words, is my sharing, and what decided me to join the "Aphantasia Network" community. I'm curious to know if other people have the same questions about visualizations in Tantric Buddhism. Deepl translation from French

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