High School Education, Aphantasia & Anauralia 


Hi, we have just discovered that my 13 year old daughter maybe both Aphantasic & Anauralic (hopefully those are the correct terms). We completed the VVIQ test at home and she rated "No image at all, I only 'know' I am thinking of the object" for all questions.

We are just starting to learn about the experience, and finding that most discussions are from adults. Is there any advice for approaching my daughters school, how she might adapt her learning, etc.?

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Does your daughter have trouble now? Always think, if it’s not broken, do not fix it.
I have exactly the same capacity as your daughter, and I can expect to be weak in spatial relations and sense of direction.
My thinking usually consists of talking to myself or discussing. I have no images or sounds, all I have is words. Ask your daughter how she thinks.
One advantage I have is that I find it easy to converse with AI. Given the way the world is going, that may be a very valuable skill. Check it out.
With respect to school, be alert that she might find geometry difficult.

Thanks Cassidy. Our conversation with school last week was positive, and we wait to see if individual teachers adapt their methods – even if daughter has to remind them.

I am a high school student currently and struggle with some aspects of geometry. I find drawing out the problems very helpful, although you might need more paper. Art and music can also be hard as she might not know how the picture should look before she draws it. The same can be said for sounds. Approaching schools can be hard as many people haven’t heard of aphantasia or anauralia. Also many states don’t say that aphantasia and anauralia are disabilities requiring IEPS.