On the topic of: Are aphantasic minds similar to ChatGPT?



On the latest news letter, i just want to post a really interesting video, that gave me a similar feeling!
I have started to think that my way of "visualising" is using the feeling of distance between related subjects.

And representing language models as a multi dimentional cloud feel very close, and therefore also relates us to how animals think and speak:

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When you have no visual or auditory imagery, thinking must be in words and I must use my words carefully. Those who can use imagery in their thought may have an advantage because one picture is worth a thousand words. But when it come time to share thoughts, those images have got to be turned into words. But I started with words, no translation needed.
But getting to the main point, I do think like AI and my habit of using words carefully make my prompts more effective. I enter into conversation and we discuss what to do. And we do it.
Then we can put out a prompt engineer report so other can do it automatically.
I consider those two gifts of aphantasia.