UK NHS 111 Service will test for Aphantasia


I called NHS 111 to ask what the best way to receive a formal Aphantasia diagnosis (it's currently impossible to get a GP appointment) and they said they could do it over the phone. I havn't tried it yet, but given that they are available 24/7 you cannot knock it.

I need a medical diagnosis for school to get the full support package. Has anyone had any experience of trying NHS111?

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Any update on this?
Find this hard to believe, if you search for “Aphantasia” on the NHS website you get no results.
If you then follow the link to then they just send you back to the main NHS website where there is still no results.
When I mentioned my aphantasia to my GP in the passing when I was there for another issue she had never heard of it. I’ll give her credit for the fact that she wrote it down, don’t know if she did anything about her lack of knowledge though or just binned the piece of paper when I left.