Any artists like painters around? Anyone who loves to draw?

Just joined today.
I've loved to draw since I was very young. My parents always made sure I had paper and drawing materials even though this was kind of a foreign thing for them and no one else on either side of my family was "artistic".
Fast forward after some years of working in a sign shop and doing graphic design (pre-computer) and getting a BFA Illustration from the then Academy of Art in San Francisco. I studied oil painting with a local artist, copying master works, a traditional way to learn the media. So I've been a professional fine artist since the late 1980s, painting in oil and still loving to draw.

My epiphany that my brain was wired differently was when my husband and I were trying to decide how to paint a wall in our new home. I suggested a color from a swatch and asked him what he thought. He had no idea. I said can't you see how it would look and he said "no". And I thought "oh". Asked some other questions and finally realized that not everyone can see in images and colors so I've been careful not to make that assumption since then.
And I finally figured out that I could "make an image" in my mind with not only no effort but that, in fact, is how my brain is wired. Which explained why in high school I aced classes like English Lit, Biology and History in school but crashed and burned with math and inorganic chemistry because I couldn't "see" them. And why I'm here.

Interested in hearing other folk's accounts of how they realized that their brain works and processes the world in images.

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Welcome to the community! It’s really cool to hear about your background in art and how you’ve recently discovered the unique way your brain works. It must have been quite the moment when you realized that not everyone sees the world in images and colors. This point you made, really resonates: “I’ve been careful not to make that assumption since then.” Visualization is a universal assumption that is now only beginning to be re-imagined since aphantasia was named :).

I take drawing as a hobby.I could draw things in front of me well.But when I try to draw something complex in memory or imagination , I always couldn’t draw them correctly. I used to be puzzled by this until I know Aphantasia.despite this, I still enjoy drawing .