Aphantasia and meditation?

Apologies if this was already discussed and I didn’t see it (ctrl + f didn’t find any hits and I didn’t see a search bar). I have always felt meditation was something impossible for me to learn or take up as a practice despite it being suggested time and time again for years regarding stress management and grounding. Most examples seem to be visual or guided meditation, and I have since learned there are many different kinds of meditations (walking meditation, maybe repetitive things like knitting?) are a thing and it’s likely most of them aren’t well known. Have others found the ability to meditate despite aphntasia, and if so what kind? Did anyone feel like there was a barrier and then there was some epiphany or “ah hah” moment where it clicked? I would love to see how others feel about meditation or how it’s been applicable.

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Hey Crystal, great question. Most aphants we talk to find the common visualization-based exercises frustrating. Many have discovered they have aphantasia from not being able to visualize during a meditation class. This was the story of Ed Catmull. However, there is certainly more than one way to meditate as you’ve mentioned, walking meditation and repetitive tasks. There are some other alternatives to meditation with aphantasia in this article written by our community editor, Lianna M Scott (https://aphantasia.com/article/stories/meditation-with-aphantasia/). You’ll also find similar wellbeing resources here (https://aphantasia.com/topic/wellbeing/).