How do I… there are so many questions

I am reposting a response in another thread:

I am 75 and just recently realized/learned that I have aphantasia. Now I am wondering about my years of taking acid – makes me wonder about what I saw. Since it was about 40-50 years ago, there are not much in the way of memories – but I am too old to try to revisit the experience.

This kind of explains why I would forget people when they were not present (lost some girlfriends this way) – even right now, there is a woman I am interested in and I can’t remember what she looks like (or I can’t bring up an image of her)

I can remember some of my dreams – one dream I forced myself to wake up fro, was me with my back to a cliff, standing on a ledge that was only 4″; I was looking down at a drop of over 1,000 feet and I am afraid of heights (played havoc with sky-diving, only made 3 jumps before I just could not get into another plane) I remember the image but can not ‘see’ the image – I am really confused about remembering the image but not being able to see it. This is all very confusing, sigh
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Expansion of LSD reference – I spent most of the 70s doing psychedelics . I vaguely remember animated visuals (once I was so stoned that I saw a John Philips Sousa brass band march across the dance floor (I can no longer tell if this was a real hallucination or or a story but I was bar-tending in a dance club when someone dosed my drink – it was his way of thanking me for helping him find some acid, sigh). Does anyone else have experience with psychedelics and aphantasia?

I have very vivid dreams; I think I dream in images but when I recall them I only know that I saw images but can't bring them up. I enjoyed my dreams so much that I would nap often so I could have them – they were action/adventure dreams that often included some D&D games I played. Some were science fiction, some were swords and sorcery – I even dreamed I was flying (but not too high as I am afraid of heights).

I am unable to plan too far into the future b/c I have no images and I am really, really bad at predicting how people will respond to me – unable to correctly understand people. I think that I live in an eternal now – can't remember much of my past and can't conceive of the future

Sorry babbling but I am still trying to wrap my head around this – I am unable to bring up any other of my senses, taste, hearing, smells, and, thankfully, pain


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I also have many questions, I am 45 years old and until now I didn’t know how people imagined. I thought it was a metaphor. I haven’t tried drugs, but I wouldn’t mind trying them if I know I can images.
My mother passed away a few years ago, and I cannot see her face except through photos. I only have one description in my brain. I think it affects me in my personal relationships. Well, I lose contact because I don’t imagine them with a person who has fantasy.

Hey! Sounds like you have some fun stories to tell!

I don’t have any experience with any psychedelics besides 5MeO-DMT. I inhaled a heroic hit, braced myself to meet God, and…nothing. I blacked out completely for 10 minutes straight.

I fully attribute this to aphantasia (which I had never heard of at the time). That 10 minutes that I spent with zero conscious experience or memory is usually when visualizers are having a colorful and vivid heart-to-heart with Jesus, Anubis, or whatever other take-your-pick deity deigns to show up.

My experience was a void.

Super bummer.