Are you aphantasic if you have vivid dreams and daydreams?

DiscussionsCategory: QuestionsAre you aphantasic if you have vivid dreams and daydreams?
Christoper asked 2 months ago

I only realised I was possibly aphantasic about 18 months ago (I’m 72) when I heard an Australian Broadcasting Corporation program on it and then did your test on the website. I believe I’m tolally aphantasic as I can’t visualise things or recall smells, tastes, sensory conditions like wind, or even recall feelings about events (including my wedding!). I have never been able to visualize during meditation, but can remember places where I have been in detail.

However I have very vivid dreams and if the situation is right, have daydreams. I can recall them, manipulate them, return to them and describe them – even though I have no actual image when describing them. I can recall the names of the people or places involved and would be able to draw a sketch of of location, but can’t actually “see” or “sense” them.

In my everyday life I am very good at coming up with alternative solutions to problems or situations, and I know they will work. But I do remember quite some years ago when I told a mens group that I was part of, that when I was away from them, they did not exist – they were a bit dismayed, and some felt that I had no feelings or connection with them!

So is it really aphantasia or is it just a lack of realisation or recall?

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