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Jennifer McDougallJennifer McDougall Staff asked 2 months ago

This recent post by Rebecca Brady on ‘Losing My Mind’s Eye‘ has us wondering, how many others in our community share a similar experience?

The large majority of aphantasics report having aphantasia (no sensory imagery ability) since birth. On the rare occasion, we hear stories similar to that of the origin story of aphantasia, with patient MX, who lost the ability to imagine after suffering from a minor stroke during heart surgery.

What’s your experience? Born or acquired?

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Rachel CicconeRachel C answered 2 months ago

I believe I’ve been aphantasic since I was born. I had to actually ask my mother if I had any “imaginary friends” growing up, and she said no, I didn’t. So I don’t think I’ve ever been able to visualize. I always kind of thought imaginary friends were an exaggeration with how they are portrayed in TV/media (Calvin and Hobbs comes to mind), so that was an eye opener to say the least. However, my mother didn’t really comment on it being “wrong” of me not to have an imaginary friend growing up, and I haven’t told her I have aphantasia, so I don’t think she suspects anything.

Cassie WyattCassie Wyatt answered 2 months ago

Acquired, although can’t really remember when that was.

I think I remember being able to visualise some things in like an exam context. But then again, neer had imaginary friends (I tried as well but couldn’t do it – found the concept quite puzzling)

Beth RespessBeth Respess answered 1 month ago

Aquired after developing a very large cyst in my left parietal lobe that required brain surgery

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