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Robert WalterRobert Walter asked 1 month ago

Hello everyone. My name is Robert and I only discovered within the last year that I have aphantasia. This is a bit ironic, since I’m a PhD student at Yale studying visual perception and cognition (moral of that story, no one should feel bad about not realizing they had it earlier).

Over the next few years I’ll be doing some research on aphantasia and I’m hoping to start building a subject pool. These experiments would typically involve repeatedly seeing some visual stimuli on a screen and recording your answers. Each experiment would usually take around 30 or 60 mins, but some may be more or less involved than that. There would be compensation roughly equivalent to $10 – $15/hour. However, more exciting than the pay is that you’d be helping us learn more about aphantasia and, more generally, how the mind works.

If anyone is interested please send me an email at robert.walter@yale.edu to be put on a contact list. When studies become available I’d send you an invitation via e-mail. The first study is likely 4+ months out, but I can’t start until I have a decent sized subject pool ready to go.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

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Jennifer McDougallJennifer McDougall Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Can you particpate remotely or does it have to be in person?

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