How does being aphantasic impact learning?

DiscussionCategory: QuestionsHow does being aphantasic impact learning?
Jennifer McDougallJennifer McDougall Staff asked 6 months ago

Fascinated by this post from 2016, which makes the case for why leaners with aphantasia are likely to experience difficulties with learning; “as mental imagery seems to be especially important for reading comprehension and learning word meanings, and according to at least to one theory, is a cornerstone for literacy.”

To contrast, this post from 2019 states that while a learner’s ability to create images in their mind is linked to various improvements in learning, the absence of this ability may lead to alternative strategies that enhance rather than hinder learning.

What’s been your experience with learning something new; What alternative strategies do you use when retaining and recalling information?

markus jankmarkus jank replied 6 months ago

Learning… you have endless options actually, cause you have no boarders through images/picturs in your mind holding you back when expanding consciousness. Cheers, markus

Nathan BlumenfeldNathan Blumenfeld replied 6 months ago

Literature and mathematics, no problem. Not great at memorization, but early troubles memorizing formulae in math led to greater success later when I learned that maths are much more dynamic and reward abstract thinking more than memorized tables and such.
Music, no can do. I love it but cannot keep time.

Tom EbeyerTom Ebeyer Staff replied 6 months ago

@Nathan Blumenfeld I have a similar thought. The initial memorization of necessary formulas, etc the hard part, but abstract thinking comes easier. Wish I learnt math was more than formulas when I was in school!

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