Is there a ‘cure’ for aphantasia?

DiscussionCategory: QuestionsIs there a ‘cure’ for aphantasia?
Stephen AdamsStephen Adams asked 4 months ago

Having only just discovered that aphantasia existed as a ‘thing’ and that my non visual cognitive processing is definitely not the norm I’ve done some reading and found nothing in the academic literature (scant as it is) that mentions a ‘cure’. However, I came across this site where a someone claims to have followed a technique that can kick start your ‘blank screen’:

I’m not convinced myself, I don’t think having a slowly fading image on your retina from looking at a bright light source is actually related to aphantasia so not sure of it’s relevance and I can’t conjure up any images to even start ‘image streaming’. It’d be interesting to know if anyone else on here has heard of, or tried, this. I don’t feel traumatised by my discovery that almost everyone else has actual images they can conjure up, as easy as I can think of a word, but it’d be nice if I had chance to experience images in my head.

Dave Series replied 4 months ago

Probably not as it’s a brain problem and we can’t learn to adapt a brain deviancy that we can’t physically train

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