Is your spatial intelligence stronger?

DiscussionsCategory: QuestionsIs your spatial intelligence stronger?
Jennifer McDougallJennifer McDougall Staff asked 8 months ago

Spatial intelligence is the ability to comprehend three-dimensional images and shapes. This is a primary function of the right side of the brain and is used when solving puzzles, figuring out maps and taking part in any type of construction or engineering project.

Some aphants report stronger spatial intelligence due to the absence of visual imagery. I tried this test with Tom and he scored “well above average.” How did you do?

markus jankmarkus jank replied 8 months ago

Could solve 7, at 3 i am not sure if i get it right or understand it right, so i skipped. Why not, an absence of something like absence of visual memory means extra free memory you are able to use to strengthen other parts/skills, thats just natural. What you dont use you loose anyway. Overthinking, hate thoughts, fear, etc. are great blockers and keep people in an repeating circle. No images in your brain, no problems as far as i see if i see the crayzeness around me… kind of. Did you test/recognise if psychedelics work completely different on aphants? I tested high doses of quite everthing which is natural… zero images, zero problems. Does not matter how high i go. You might to take a look on this topic if you dare, cause its amazing what you are able to do with it. Non-aphants get super-amazed at small doses or are just gone cause burried pictures/problems come unstoppable up(see a lotof healing ceremonies). Just my few cents. Have fun, markus

2 Answers
Kristie GilmoreKristie Gilmore answered 3 weeks ago

I did slightly above average. I can conceptualize turning or folding the images; I just can’t vizualize them. It blows my mind that "normal" people might actually close their eyes to take a quiz like this. Then again, I guess if I could form images in my head, I might try to use this to my advantage as well.

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