Looking for musicians with Aphantasia. Writing a Bachelor on Musicality and Aphantasia.

DiscussionsCategory: ResearchLooking for musicians with Aphantasia. Writing a Bachelor on Musicality and Aphantasia.
Øyvind HeiloØyvind Heilo asked 3 months ago


My name is Øyvind Heilo, student in Musicology, the University of Oslo. I’m currently planning on writing a bachelor on Musicality and Aphantasia and looking for musicians with aphantasia. I’m thinking of doing a questionaire or perhaps more comprehensive interviews for qualitative research. Deadline for the assignment is late May. If you are interested pleae notify me here and I will supply more information as the project gets into a more concrete stadium.


Ian LIan L replied 3 months ago

Hi, I am a high school senior with aphantasia! I am by no means a professional musician but I play in a high level wind symphony band at my school and am self taught on 8 instruments (and took/take lessons on three more) I’m not sure if my experience is exactly what you are looking for or not but I’d be happy to help if needed!

Katie Hedrick replied 2 months ago

I’m currently studying music composition and play viola at a university and would be interested in your questionnaire or answering some questions if you have any.

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Øyvind HeiloØyvind Heilo answered 3 months ago

Thanks for the reply Ian!

The bachelor is still in it’s infancy and the deadline is end of May.

I’m not quite sure where it is taking me, I’m still in the process of fleshing out the basic details to be presented for the University. My plan is to make a questionare or survey of some sort and would be delighted if you would take the time to answer my questions. I will keep you informed on this thread in the near future about the how the project is evolving! Please ask any question!


øyvind Heilo

Killian GillespieKillian Gillespie answered 2 months ago


I’ve only just found out about my Aphantasia yesterday, so this is all quite new to me. I always thought people were talking about their minds eye figuratively! Anyway, I play guitar and I’m self-taught. I wanted to learn it one day so I decided to start building a guitar from parts I ordered online. I’m happy to do a quiz or answer any questions you have.


Killian Gillespie

Andrea BenoitAndrea Benoit answered 2 months ago

I only found out today that aphantasia is even a thing, and I’m pretty sure I have it!

I have a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance and also play piano well and other instruments not very well. I’d be interested in being a part of your study if you need it!

Rob BRob B answered 2 months ago

Hello Øyvind,

I found out about aphantasia last year. I have it.

I’m a self taught musician. I play acoustic guitar and bass.

I’d be happy to take part.


Øyvind HeiloØyvind Heilo answered 2 months ago

Thank you so much for your responses! I’m still in the beginning of my work, but will contact you with further information as soon as things are starting to take form.



Giselle IhrigGiselle Ihrig answered 2 months ago

Hello, I actually found out that I have aphantasia today. I am a highschool student. I played the violin for 5 years and am on my second year of playing the harp. I would be happy to take part!


Judith DeWittJudith DeWitt answered 2 months ago

I have a B.Mus.Ed with a major in voice. I am currently taking voice lessons and preparing to sing 9 solos in 5 classes in our local festival, plus a couple with my teacher’s small ensemble.

I also take violin and viola lessons and play viola in our local symphony and teach voice, piano and violin.

My husband read an article on aphantasia about a month ago and sent it to me asking if it sounded like me.

I had discovered about 10 years ago that my inability to visualize or hear, see, smell, touch are not experienced by most people I know. I had it confirmed in our community book club shortly afterwards.

I would be happy to answer a questionnaire for you.

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