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Rachel CicconeRachel C asked 1 week ago

A common symptom of ADHD/ADD is rejection sensetive dysphoria, where one feels intense emotional pain, more than the average person. However, a lot of people with ADHD/ADD don’t know the same for it, or really know that it’s a symptom of ADHD/ADD.

I’ve been thinking that either my friend or I have RSD, but aren’t sure if either of us have ADHD/ADD. And that got me thinking; I’m wondering if my aphantasia affects emotional processing. I remember listening to the Imagine That! podcast and them mentioning how intense they feel emotions because of how grounded and in the present aphants commonly are. I totally feel that; I often describe it as being "grounded against my will", and I also feel that extreme emotional pain when I think of something upsetting, or if I interpret something as someone abandoning me, when they really are not.

But then there are also points when I just don’t feel anything; I don’t see anything, don’t hear anything, or feel anything on the inside. It’s quite the whiplash for the extreme emotional sides I can feel.

TDLR: I’m not sure if aphants could have rejection sensitive dysphoria because it is only really a symptom seen in people with ADHD/ADD. Because we’re constantly in the present, we are so aware of emotional pain that it can become overbearing, as we literally cannot think of anything else to try to distract from the pain.

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