Visual or all senses?

DiscussionCategory: QuestionsVisual or all senses?
Tom EbeyerTom Ebeyer Staff asked 10 months ago

I believe this is one of the biggest misconceptions about Aphantasia… at least from the conversations, I’ve been having over the past 3 years. My Aphantasia isn’t limited to just visual recall/imagination… it’s all senses. For example, when most people go to the restaurant, and they see something on the menu they enjoy, they can (kind of) smell and taste it. Or if you think of your favourite song, you can hear the sounds of the instrument in your mind; I can hum to the rhythm of the music, but I don’t actually hear the sound. Think of ‘famous words’ one of your parents or teachers said to you growing up: I can remember, logically, what they said; but most can hear the words in their parents’ voice.

Is your experience different?

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