What alternative strategies do you use when learning something new?

DiscussionCategory: QuestionsWhat alternative strategies do you use when learning something new?
Jennifer McDougallJennifer McDougall Staff asked 2 weeks ago

There’s so much we have yet to discover about what it means to “learn with aphantasia.”

Fascinated by this post from 2016, which makes the case for why leaners with aphantasia are likely to experience difficulties with learning; “as mental imagery seems to be especially important for reading comprehension and learning word meanings, and according to at least to one theory, is a cornerstone for literacy.”

To contrast, this post from 2019 states that while a learner’s ability to create images in their mind is linked to various improvements in learning, the absence of this ability may lead to alternative strategies that enhance rather than hinder learning.

What’s been your experience with learning? What alternative strategies have you tried when learning something new and/or acquiring a new skill? What’s worked? What hasn’t worked?

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Melissa BurkeMelissa Burke answered 5 days ago

Honestly, I haven’t had issues with standard learning methods. In fact, I’ve generally excelled in standardized testing environments. The only place I’ve somewhat struggled, or at least found frustrations throughout life, has been when directed to draw a picture, or something else visually creative. It may just be a personal dislike, or it could also be connected to my inability to visualize internally.

In my experience, when "visualizing" something, it almost feels as if there is an image buried deep within my head, and my inner voice is verbally describing it to me, in lieu of actually seeing. I can focus in on specific details, from the overview look, to probing with a fine tooth comb. It’s how I’ve always thought about and experienced things, and perhaps why it took until adulthood, listening to a radio program, to realize that I was processing things in a different way than the average person.

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