Where is Aphantasia research happening?

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Tom EbeyerTom Ebeyer Staff asked 1 year ago

We know that aphantasia research is taking place at:

  1. University of Exeter, UK
  2. UNSW Sydney and Future Minds Lab, Australia
  3. University of Westminster, UK
  4. Icelandic Vision Lab , Iceland
  5. University of Sussex and The Imagery Lab, England

Do you know of any other institutions taking this seriously?

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Robert WalterRobert Walter answered 1 month ago

I am a PhD student at Yale, studying visual perceptioin and cognition. I also have aphantaisia and I’m hoping to begin doing reserach on it. I’m currenlty trying to build a subject pool, so anyone interested in being contacted can email me at [email protected]


Katherine JonesKatherine Jones answered 4 weeks ago

I am currently doing a research project at the University of Exeter looking at the relationship between extremes of visual imagery and autism.

There is a link to the survey in a separate discussion post.


Steve AllenSteve Allen answered 3 weeks ago

@katherine jones

can you share the link here so others dont have have to search for the link you mentioned?


Katherine JonesKatherine Jones answered 2 weeks ago

@Steve Allen

Of course! Here it is:


The survey title is ‘Extremes of visual imagery vividnes in people with high levels of autistic traits’.

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