Who’s really good at recognizing faces?

DiscussionsCategory: IntroductionsWho’s really good at recognizing faces?
Pepe asked 2 months ago

I discovered I have aphantasia a week ago, it came with the subsequent researching obsession that comes with it. I\’ve read that people that have it, have trouble recognizing faces, and that\’s very far from true in my case, I often recognize people that I crossed paths with in the street once or twice a week before and I\’ve been told that I\’m really good at drawing portraits and capture unique gestures and qualities on them. I\’m curious if someone has the same experience as me.

1 Answers
caitlyn digweedcaitlyn digweed answered 2 months ago

I’m usually pretty good with faces and recognizing people i haven’t seen in years. Unlike you I’m not good at noticing certain aspects of people’s faces or drawing them but i can recognize them.

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