Do you have inner speech?
Amiella BerendtAmiella Berendt answered 3 days ago • 
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Imagine your favourite song. Can you hear it playing?
Amiella BerendtAmiella Berendt answered 3 days ago • 
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How did you first discover you were Aphantasic?
Amiella BerendtAmiella Berendt answered 4 days ago • 
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Do you have trouble memorizing speeches?
Helen AddamsHelen Addams answered 4 days ago • 
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Relationships and Aphantasia
J HamiltonJ Hamilton asked 1 month ago • 
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Can aphantasics be hypnotized?
Jerry jordisonJerry jordison asked 1 month ago • 
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Famous people with aphantasia?
José Eduardo Porcher commented 4 months ago • 
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Aphantasia linked to lack of motivation?
Rachel CicconeRachel C answered 1 month ago • 
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Is there a cure for aphantasia?
Christine JarvisChristine Jarvis answered 1 month ago • 
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Aphantasia in pop culture?
Tom EbeyerTom Ebeyer asked 4 months ago • 
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Dreams and Aphantasia
Richard StantonRichard Stanton answered 1 month ago • 
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Are you aphantasic if you have vivid dreams and daydreams?
Christoper asked 2 months ago • 
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Emotional memory and aphantasia
Roberto RojasRoberto Rojas asked 1 month ago • 
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Schizophrenia and Aphantasia?
Cassie WyattCassie Wyatt asked 2 months ago • 
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Benefits to being aphantasic?
Roberto RojasRoberto Rojas answered 1 month ago • 
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Dreams and Aphantasia

Intriguingly, while aphantasics cannot summon mental imagery on demand, Zeman (the cognitive and behavioral neurologist who coined the…

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