Afantasía, alucinógenos y meditación


En el día a día, mi imaginación y mi memoria carecen de sentidos que puedan relacionarse con los fenómenos de la vista o el oído.

Sin embargo, según mi experiencia, alucinógenos como la psilocibina o el LSD sí activan esta capacidad. La meditación profunda también activa la capacidad de ver con el ojo de la mente, aunque debo señalar que esto sólo ha sucedido un puñado de veces tras periodos de meditación prolongada (1 hora, dos veces al día).

¿Alguien tiene información al respecto?

N.B. Como afante, es naturalmente muy difícil imaginar “el ojo de la mente”, y cuando nos damos cuenta de que tenemos afantasía, todos pasamos por un periodo en el que sentimos una sensación de pérdida, casi de pena por lo que no podemos experimentar, casi como si fuera una discapacidad. Es genial experimentar el ojo de la mente y asentarse en la certeza de que es sólo una extensión visual o sonora de aquello con lo que ya operamos. Definitivamente nada por lo que lamentarse. ¡Qué buena noticia!

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Personally, for me, when I tried LSD it changed how I viewed things with my eyes and my other senses (color fragmentation/separation [like in the old 3D movies with the red and blue 3D glasses], image deformation [I got to have spent a whole hour watching the hardwood floor turn on itself], increased sense of touch, vision and smell [fr, a cat is a must have to do hallucinogens]), but I couldn’t visualise better. I actually frustrated my sister a bit bc I couldn’t see the fractal images that supposedly everyone gets to see when on LSD?

I have never tried LSD, even though I really want to for the express purpose of seeing if it ‘triggers’ any visualization synapses in my brain, but I can speak on my experience with marijuana. It has only happened a couple of times however and only after consuming copious amounts of certain strains that are unknown to me because when it happens, it comes from another person at a social gathering. I’m not a heavy or consistent user.

I have been able to close my eyes and focus very hard on wanting to see something. Sometimes an image *slightly* starts to form accompanied by random colors, but because I’m too high at that point to remain attentive, whatever I start out intending to see is forgotten and I lose whatever image might have been able to conjure up. The colors though kind of remain for a couple seconds.

Whatever the case, I have to be REALLY high and concentrate REALLY hard to catch even a glimpse of something and it has only happened a couple of times; only once after I became aware of the concept of aphantasia and did my best to experiment having the knowledge of my condition.

I have been trying meditation for YEARS and get absolutely zero out of it as far as internal sensory experience of any sort.  I’ve also tried hypnosis, acid and mushrooms (once each was quite enough for me, thank you) and none of it had any effect on my minds eye.  The only effect the drugs had was to turn my inner dialogue on full steam for a relentless stream of thought that would not turn off for hours.

I have heard of others like you who have had these things open up your minds eye, and others like me that do not have that experience.  It would be interesting to know why the difference in effect.

I’m 80 and I’ve done a lot of hallucinogenics and I’ve never had an hallucination! 

I now know why. A week ago, I’d never heard of aphantasia. New things keep popping up.

I’ve already started on a move called “Aphantasia.” It’s just a black screen for 90 minutes!