Afantasía y capacidades psíquicas


Hola, acabo de tropezar con este sitio y todo el concepto de afantasía hoy. Debo admitir que durante mucho tiempo he sido de la opinión de que no veía exactamente lo mismo que los demás, pero también había supuesto que el “ojo de la mente” no era todo lo que se decía que era, y que tal vez las personas tienen grados muy diferentes de visualización mental, y la mía era muy pobre o tal vez incluso inexistente.

Todo ello me fascina aún más porque pasé más de 10 años formándome como médium. Aunque mis habilidades en el mundo psíquico no eran tan estelares como las de algunos psíquicos/medios que he visto, a menudo era capaz de describir cosas a la gente que ellos eran capaces de reconocer, pero sin que yo fuera capaz de “ver” lo que estaba describiendo.

Comprendo que este diálogo no es para todo el mundo, así que espero no haber ofendido a nadie. Tenía pensado empezar respondiendo a un mensaje reciente de Paul Tracey, pero no veo cómo hacerlo.

Lo interesante para mí es que, aunque he leído que las personas con afantasía describen las cosas de memoria en lugar de visualizarlas, el hecho de intentar describir algo a alguien que nunca has visto antes supone un giro adicional.


Me encantaría discutir las cosas más a fondo con cualquier otra persona aquí que haya hecho algún tipo de desarrollo psíquico. Es una posibilidad remota, lo sé.

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Hello James, I am really glad you made this post. Personally I am a beginner energy worker and have been unable to visualize the same things my mentor was instructing, despite many tries. This really puts me in a unique position as well, as you surely know with the same experience! I try to figure out more descriptive and creative ways to work with my craft.

Hey James!

So I realized I had aphantasia through TikTok in 2020, and went through I’m sure the confusion and frustration that all of us have when realizing that people can actually see pictures in their minds.

Now, I’ve always been strongly connected to the spiritual realm, having odd experiences ever since I was a kid. One of the weirdest things, though, was that many times I would have dreams that would then actually happen in real life; either in the next couple of days or in the future. I’ve always wondered if this was a form of manifestation, or simply having a sense of what will happen in the future. Also, whenever I get a random, bad gut feeling, usually something in either my family’s or friends’ lives had just occurred. 

There have been moments where I have been searching for something, and, with my eyes open, for a split-second I would actually see what I would do next – like deja vu, but it would go away the minute I would blind. 

I don’t know if this is at all relevant to what you are questioning; but I do think that aphantasia allows for fewer distractions when we are thinking and focused on one particular instant – whether it’s predicting what number a die will land on, or what a person’s actions will be, our senses are more easily honed in, because we don’t have the normal distractions of the outcomes. 

Now, one side of my family is Puerto Rican, and I don’t want to scream Santera, but I think that psychic ability lies within generations, especially one’s roots. Being able to have a strong connection with the universe and the environment, as well as maintaining a constantly open mind to the fact that no one knows why we are here or how close the spirit realm truly is to the world as we know it, I find that aphantasia might actually make it easier to communicate with the other realm. I’ve also found that I rely more on muscle memory and the way things feel. Whether you are trying to connect a stranger to a passed loved one, or even your own family reaching out to point you in the right direction, aphantasia or not, we all can feel that influence.

Hope this makes sense, and I hope more people give their input to this discussion.

Hi James, 
That’s interesting that you have spent 10 years training as a medium without being
able to visualize in your mind’s eye. I’m the opposite and only here because a friend
has aphantasia and I wanted to find out more about it. I have hyperphantasia. I see
everything in extreme detail in my mind’s eye. And, I’ve had psychic medium abilities since
I was three. As a child my mother was always wanting me to read for her friends which I
didn’t always enjoy doing, but I have learned to enjoy helping friends and family with
it when needed. I’m always amazed at how psychics and mediums can work without 
being able to see the exact thing they are talking about. For me, I see the person who
has passed as a three dimensional moving person. As if they were right in front of me. And, I hear
them talking to me in full sentences. I also have very vivid dreams, frequently dream the
future  and saw the man who is now my fiance in my dreams for 25 years before I met him. 

Hi James, I don’t claim to have terrific abilities but I am aware there are different ways to ‘know’ things than visually. Years ago I met with a celebrated psychic locally. Speaking about my daughter she declared ‘she loves spicy food’ which is very true. The psychic explained that as she was talking about her she got a strong taste of pepper.

All the senses can come into play in psychic experiences. I have smelled someone close days after they passed. I have heard voices tell me facts I couldnt have known. I have felt the presence of another. But I have never ever seen anything and now I know why.

I’ve heard it said that blind people have other senses heightened. Their hearing is more acute, their touch more sensitive. I suspect the same applies in the psychic sense. Interesting topic, thanks for opening it up.

Hi James, Welcome.
I’m a meditation therapist, holistic counsellor and spiritual awakening facilitator amongst other things and discovered a few years ago that I have total multi-sensory aphantasia.  I also have SDAM and a few other ‘quirks’.

I’m not a psychic medium – although I have dabbled, I mainly work with the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.  I am also an advanced meditator and frequently travel within meditation.  The way I describe what you are experiencing  is Knowing.  With a capital K.  It is probably based on Claircognisance.   I touched upon it in an article I wrote here in October 2022.  

It took me many years to fully trust what I Know to a point where I could confidently talk with others about it and now I rely on it a lot in my daily life.  

My best advice is to learn to use the things that you know – how your body feels.  It gives you a lot of information that we process without fully recognising the process.  Learn to be conscious of that process.  Ask yourself constantly – Where do I feel that?  How does it feel?  What emotion does it evoke.  

I’d also like to say that you are not alone.  I am frequently asked that question “How do you ‘see’ in meditation?” My answer is “I don’t.  I feel in my body and I Know in my Consciousness.”