Capacidad visual con un solo ojo


Más del 50 por ciento del cerebro se dedica al procesamiento visual de la información visual. “El ojo de la mente”, Rochester Review, Susan Hagen, marzo-abril de 2012,

Soy afantasía. Algunos ven por un solo ojo desde que nacen. ¿Afecta eso al peso o a cuánto se dedica el cerebro al procesamiento visual?

Me alegro de encontrar el artículo del NYTimes.


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If you can only see out of one eye, it affects much more than that, as you need binocular vision to perceive depth in the world. Read Fixing my gaze by Susan Barry, a neuroscientist, it’s fascinating:

For example, she writes about the first time she went out in the snow after gaining 3-D vision and how she was in awe at all the flakes falling around her rather than as a flat sheet in front of her.