¿Problemas para localizar el dolor?


No suelo sentir dolor. Pero cuando lo hago, normalmente me resulta difícil señalar exactamente dónde me duele, y tengo que intentar utilizar la mano para pinchar y empujar hasta encontrar el lugar correcto. Y no siempre tengo éxito.

Creo que tal vez este proceso requiera visualizar el interior del cuerpo o las partes internas?

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Proprioception which is our bodies awareness of it’s own position in space is separate from mental visualization, this would be spatial visualization not directly related to aphantasia.

People don’t have many pain receptors in their body so what your’e describing is something that virtually anyone would have issues with.

This would be related to proprioception which we don’t seem to have any particular deficit of at least not according to any study I’ve seen so I don’t believe a connection here is likely. 

Also given my back issues I assure you I know EXACTLY where it hurts 🙂