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The blind mind: No sensory visual imagery in aphantasia

Study using binocular rivalry and self-rated object and spatial imagery (VVIQ, SUIS and OSIQ) finds people with aphantasia show almost no imagery-based rivalry priming. Findings suggest aphantasia is a condition involving a lack of sensory and phenomenal imagery and not a lack of metacognition.

The perceptual and phenomenal capacity of mental imagery

Mental imagery is a fundamental part of human cognition that bridges cognition with sensory representations. This paper introduces a novel technique to measure the sensory capacity of mental imagery using binocular-rivalry (BR)- removing the need for memory or subjective reports.

Visual working memory performance in aphantasia

Visual working memory performance is assessed in aphantasic individual. Study finds while participant performs significantly worse than controls on the most difficult visual working memory trials, surprisingly, their performance on a task designed to involve mental imagery did not differ from controls.

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