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Extreme imagination exhibition

Online art exhibition feauturing works by aphantasic and hyperhpantasic artists invites us to consider the critical role of mental imagery in making art.

Quantifying aphantasia through drawing

Online study of aphantasics (n=63) and controls required participants to draw real-world scenes from memory. Study found those without visual imagery show deficits in object but not spatial memory.

Authors need to know about aphantasia: Here’s why

Writer and editor Robert Wood makes a compelling case for why authors need to know about aphantasia. Wood explains how the best writing advice deals with perception – the ability to understand how someone else will process your art.

Think of a Horse

Tom Ebeyer doesn’t have a mind’s eye, and for the first 20 years of his life he didn’t even know that others did! This radio documentary explores the beginning discovery of aphanatsia through Tom’s journey, and the weaving connection to Professor Adam Zeman, who coined the word.

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