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Video Editors / Audio Mixers


Great stories have the ability to educate while giving meaning and significance to our lives. They make us feel connected, inspired, and listened to. We are building a team of video editors and audio mixers to help us produce short-form video pieces and work on our narrative podcast series, Imagine That. We want to raise awareness and elevate the discussion around aphantasia, hyperphantasia and the imagination spectrum by sharing true personal stories and new research from leading scientists. We share stories of discovery, strength, challenge, and adaptation, intending to help people worldwide realize their invisible differences as their greatest strength.

Responsibilities Include

  • Work with our Creative Director to edit video content, and mix episodes of our podcast.
  • Highlight key storylines that are engaging and interesting to a wide-reaching audience.
  • Attend Weekly creative and brainstorm sessions to discuss ideas, stories, build new strategies and review content.
  • Reviewing and amending work in response to feedback.
  • Maintaining open communication and clear expectations with the team.


  • Knowledge of video editing platforms and audio mixing software.
  • Access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite or equivalent.

Aphantasia Network LTD. is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity (and neurodiversity!) and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all volunteers and employees.

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