Aphantasia Meetups

From Pole to Pole

Meet like minds & explore what it's like to have aphantasia

Share Your STORY & Let's explore how our minds really work, together.

Telling stories about living with aphantasia is not an end in itself, but an attempt to release ourselves from them, to evolve and grow beyond them. We share stories to broaden our perspective so that we may learn to see further than normal; to act beyond stories that may be holding us back; and to live more of our unique potential.

Upcoming Events

Want to host a meetup in your city?

The Aphantasia Network has put together a framework and platform for community leaders to host their own conversation, anywhere in the world! 

A Global Network

An estimated 2% of the population cannot create images of familiar objects, people or places in their ‘mind’s eye.’ That’s approximately 150 million people from across the globe who may have only just discovered their brains are wired differently or only just beginning to learn how to optimize on the unique perspective aphantasia provides. Aphantasia Meetups are places for hosting meaningful dialogue and explorations into Aphantasia Life. 

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