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When you become a member of Aphantasia Network, you support an organization working to improve the lives of people with aphantasia. We bring you the latest on all things aphantasia, live events, 24/7 access to our private Discord community with mobile app (for when you need to talk to someone) and more. And it’s all at a very affordable membership fee.


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Why become a member?

Your membership helps Aphantasia Network become a strong advocate for aphantasia, and remain a global leader in aphantasia awareness, support, community and education. Learn more about our mission.

Benefits of Membership?

✅ Join a global community of image-free thinkers and those curious about aphantasia.

✅ Connect with others in the aphantasia community through our 24/7 Discord text/chat app.

✅ Find aphantasics near you and communicate across languages.

✅ Share your aphantasia projects and/or research with an engaged community.

✅ Get your questions answered by the experts during our Ask Me Anything events.

✅ Attend regular community meetups in our virtual community space.

✅ Join us for live presentation of findings on new research and discoveries.

✅ Participate in new research exploring imagery extremes, aphantasia and hyperphantasia.

✅ Get first access to content and media.

✅ Receive discounts on merch and other membership perks.

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✅ Support the development of Aphantasia Network financially.

Why isn’t membership free?

Aphantasia Network is NOT a venture-funded startup. It’s 100% bootstrapped! Until now, it’s been a labour of love and funded entirely by our two Founders.

That means we don’t have any external funding. In fact, funding for new aphantasia research is difficult to find because aphantasia awareness is still in its infancy.

For the Aphantasia Network to survive and remain a strong advocate for new research and science funding, we need to rely on the generous support of our community. If you find our services valuable and want to be more connected to our community, consider supporting our mission.

What if I can’t afford membership?

Most of our core content will remain free for the community. We never want money to restrict access to critical insights that will help aphantasics with their discovery and understanding. You can access some articles and a public discussion forum, watch event recordings on our youtube channel and subscribe to our monthly newsletter at no cost. 


Yes, we do! You can sign-up for a monthly membership plan here.

I am a researcher, can I become a member?

Yes! We’d love to welcome you to our community and learn more about your research. With membership, you gain access to our private Discord community, where you will find a channel for research to discuss all the latest studies. We also have a channel for new studies where you can share your research project and recruit participants directly. You can also use these channels or join one of the community meetups to share any updates on the progress of your findings with an engaged and intellectually curious group of individuals. For more participant recruitment options, check out our research collaborations.

Is there a discount for students?

Yes there is! Undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students can receive a discount on membership. Please send a copy of your active student id to [email protected] for 50% off your first year.

Can I tell a friend, colleague or MY followers about membership?

Of course! Referring a friend, colleague or your followers to join is a great way to strengthen the aphantasia community. Existing members who refer others with their referral link will receive:

  • 1 referral = 5% off recurring
  • 3 referrals = 10% off recurring
  • 10 referrals = 20% off recurring
  • 100 referrals = 100% off recurring