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Why become a paid member?
Your membership helps Aphantasia Network be a strong advocate for new research and science funding, and remain a leader in aphantasia awareness, support, community and education.
How are premium members connected?
As a premium member, you will have access to our private community through Discord. Through Discord you will have access to more focused discussions on a range of different topics from creativity, learning and memory, including channels for different locations and languages to find aphantasics near you! Network professionally and personally with other members.
How do I become a premium member?
Joining is easy! You can join online by subscribing to an annual plan here, or a monthly plan here.
What if I can’t afford a premium membership?
Our core content will remain free for the community. You can access articles and a discussion forum on this website, videos on our youtube channel and subscribe to our monthly newsletter at no cost. Students with a valid student ID can receive a discount on premium membership. Membership for active volunteers is also free.
Is there a discount for students?
Yes! Undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students can receive a discount on a premium membership. Please send a copy of your active student id to [email protected] for 50% off your first year.
Can I tell a friend or colleague about membership?
Of course! Referring a friend or colleague for membership is a great way to strengthen the aphantasia community. Existing members who refer others with their referral link will receive:
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