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👋 Hi there, I’m Tom—founder of Aphantasia Network.

In 2011, I stumbled upon a revelation that turned my world upside down: people can actually visualize images in their mind. Before this, I had no idea that when someone said "picture this," they were literally seeing images in their mind's eye.

I always thought it was just a figure of speech, a way of saying “think about this.” But I discovered it’s a vivid reality for many, and not for others, like myself.

At first, learning about my aphantasia sent me spiraling into a world of depression and anxiety. I felt out of place, struggling to understand why I couldn’t “see” in my mind like everyone else.

I spent weeks trying every method under the sun trying to gain the ability to see pictures in my mind.

But this journey took a positive turn. In 2015, I became the first identified case of aphantasia featured in the New York Times, coinciding with the groundbreaking paper “Lives without imagery – Congenital aphantasia.”

I have since connected with thousands of individuals who, like me, experienced a whirlwind of emotions upon discovering their aphantasia. Many shared feelings of isolation and confusion, eager to understand more about this unique way of thinking. This outpouring of shared experiences propelled me to start the Aphantasia Network. My goal? To take aphantasia from a little-known condition discussed in academic circles to a mainstream topic, fostering awareness, driving research, and building a supportive community. We bridge the gap between ongoing research and personal experiences, offering a platform for those with an image-free mind to learn, share, and embrace their unique perspective.

Now I see aphantasia as one of my super powers, and share my thoughts to the largest newsletter of imagination enthusiasts in the world:

  • ~60,000 subscribers on our newsletter and 50,000 monthly visitors to

  • Over 600,000 individuals have taken the aphantasia test, reflecting a significant global interest in the subject.

  • Featured in prestigious publications like the New York Times, Forbes, CBC, and the Wall Street Journal, highlighting our impact and influence in the domain.

By joining our premium membership, you’re not just accessing exclusive content and insights – you’re becoming part of a pioneering movement. Together, we’re exploring the vast landscape of the human mind, understanding our unique strengths, and redefining what it means to imagine.

Whether you’ve just discovered aphantasia or have known about it for years, there’s a place for you here. Join us as we continue to unravel the mysteries of the mind and celebrate the diversity of human thought.

I look forward to welcoming you on the inside,
~ Tom Ebeyer

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Members are having great conversations

Mike Swanson

For anyone (especially those who are new) I'd highly recommend joining the community meetup. It's always fun and informative.

Auri'An Lay

G'Day to all our new members. I'm pretty new myself, but finding this is an awesome forum for some very interesting conversations (unlike FB!!! LOL). Hoping there will be someone new from Australia!!! We are a bit out-numbered!!! 🤣

Edward Williams

"I must express my deep appreciation for your pioneering efforts within the Aphantasia community. Your dedication and unwavering commitment to advancing our understanding of this realm is truly admirable. You're proven yourself to be a 5⭐ trailblazer 🙂 an innovator making strides in unchartered territory and setting new standards in this field."

Nick Junes

"I admit I am down the rabbit hole of aphantasia because I am the polar opposite and it's actually helping me understand how I relate to people better. I am incredibly visual and do much in my head. Now when I talk to people I try and figure out if we're thinking differently and I think it's helping me communicate better. When I discover someone is not a visual thinker I can adjust the way I communicate. I think this science is SUPER important and I'm so happy the world is finally starting to focus on it even thought it's probably been with us since the dawn of time!""

Cooper Francis

"I've already found it just incredible lurking in this community and seeing how not just similar but essentially identical many of our life experiences are. Thanks for hosting this incomparable community. I've found the conversations really incredible, thanks so much to everyone for sharing."


"Wow, this is a way stronger community than I was expecting! I've been lurking various sources online for months since figuring out I have total aphantasia, and going through the whole "what do you mean not everyone does?" 😂 Thanks for making this group."

Frank Schütz

"After I retired, I learned that scientists were now studying my condition and had a name for it: Aphantasia. Since then, I have met many others like me. In percentages there aren’t many of us, but as individuals there are millions of us all over the world. I have learned so much more about it and have learned that we aphants, are not all alike. There are many, who like me, are good at STEM careers, but there are others who are good in the arts and other fields. We all learn strategies that work for us. All people are unique. Aphants and non-aphants too, have unique abilities and talents. We need to learn from each other to prosper. If you think you may be an aphant, find out! If you are, find people like you to learn with and from. I highly recommend joining the Aphantasia Network and their Discord community where you, like me, can learn about this growing science, and learn from others who have gone before. "

Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a member with Aphantasia Network?

Aphantasia Network is more than just a community; it’s a movement that challenges conventions and fosters a deeper understanding of the human mind. Our member community is a vibrant digital space that fuels curiosity, nurtures understanding, and promotes shared learning around Aphantasia. Connect with like-minded people, learn from the leading thinkers, and get involved in live events that take you deeper into our invisible world. Join Aphantasia Network.

What is Discord?

As a premium member, you’ll gain exclusive access to our Aphantasia Discord community hub, a virtual space where you can connect with other members. Discord is a text/chat app that is used by millions of online communities just like ours. Our Discord server is open 24/7 and is organized into themes or “channels” based on popular discussion topics related to Aphantasia. Connect with like minds. Ask questions. Share your experiences in a supportive environment. 

What if I am not aphantasic, can I still join?

Yes, all internal experiences are welcome! Our community is open to people who experience Aphantasia, Hyperphantasia and ALL those curious to learn more about our invisible differences. Maybe you have a child, student, client or friend with Aphantasia or Hyperphantasia. Perhaps you’re researching extreme imagination. If you’re interested in a connected and supportive community, then the Aphantasia Network Community is right for you!

What does my membership support?

Membership supports Aphantasia Network’s growth. Aphantasia Network is a community-driven social purpose enterprise. Your annual contribution helps our network remain a strong advocate for Aphantasia as a global leader in awareness, support, community and research. 

What if I can’t afford membership?

Most of our core content will remain free for the community. We never want money to restrict access to critical insights that will help Aphantasics with their discovery and understanding. You can access articles about Aphantasia, join the public discussion board, watch video recordings after 90 days and receive weekly insights newsletter at no cost.

I am researching aphantasia, can I join?

Yes! We’d love to welcome you to our community and learn more about your research. In our Aphantasia Discord community hub you will find channels to discuss the latest research and one for sharing new studies. Share your research with a group of engaged individuals with a vested interest in what you discover. For more research collaboration and participant recruitment options click here.

Is there a discount for students?

Yes. Undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students can receive a discount on membership. Please send a copy of your active student id to to receive 50% off your membership. Valid until your id expires.