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We’re on a mission to uncover the hidden strengths of aphantasia. The following details our milestone plan and how you can help support our mission.

Milestone 1: Strengthen Aphantasia Community

When we first started this community, aphantasia was a little-known and misunderstood condition. But thanks to people like you, we’ve grown into a vibrant and supportive community.

As aphantasia awareness continues to spread, more and more people are learning about this unique experience and finding a sense of belonging within our community. There’s also been tremendous progress in aphantasia research, with exciting new findings published each year.

Our mission is to strengthen the aphantasia community by creating a thriving membership community where like minds and those curious about aphantasia can connect, discuss the impacts of our unique experience, share projects and new discoveries and discover together how our minds work.

Our vision for Aphantasia Network is to become a global hub for aphantasia advocacy, community, research, and multimedia. With your membership, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of people living with aphantasia.

Objective: 1,000 members

246/1,000 members

Key Result

Milestone 2: Establish New Science Fund

Many see aphantasia as a weakness, or as a reason ‘not to try’. This belief is reinforced by lazy media portrayals, dark online forums, and the incentive of research funding whose core focus has been to investigate the potential weaknesses and neural comorbidities of aphantasia.

The real story is not one of aphantasic victimhood, though; it’s one of unearthed potential. A mind without a constant stream of biased, involuntary images, may prove to have deep strategic advantages in certain fields and occupations. 

Aphantasics have built great companies, produced creative masterpieces’, and pushed the frontiers of scientific research. It’s possible this success is not in spite of their aphantasia, but rather, because of it.

There are great many aphantasics in the world not yet discovered. We seek to find them, understand them, and unleash their creative and economic potential unto the world. Our next major milestone is to establish a new science fund with a very specific objective, to investigate the strengths profile of aphantasia. 

Demonstrating the real cognitive advantages of aphantasia in specific situations, context, roles and industries is the linchpin of our mission at Aphantasia Network. It enables untold opportunities to align newly discovered talent and unleash new creative energy.

Objective: 5,000 members

246/2,500 members

Key Result

Milestone 3: Aphantasia Advocacy

Visualization has played a central role in discussions of mental function for thousands of years, first by philosophers, then by psychologists, and now by neuroscientists. Almost any behavior or cognitive process can be seen through the tendency to utilize mental images.

In fact, it’s so commonplace that visualization and imagery techniques are often used in learning environments, mental health treatments, and even physical rehabilitation.

We believe aphantasia and its subtypes should be recognized as a unique variation in human experience with appropriate acknowledgement, and, where necessary, accommodation in academia and health care. 

Achieving this aim requires systems-level change. A change that will require a strategic advocacy group that can advance, champion, and advocate for the interests of people with aphantasia in the institutions where it can truly make a difference.

Advocating for aphantasia is critical to the long-term mission of the Aphantasia Network. It enables the subtle shifting of public narratives towards one of strength and opportunity, shaping the fundamental beliefs about what aphantasia is and how it should be treated.

Objective: 10,000 members


Key Result

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