Rebecca McHale

I am the founder of Clear Journeys Therapies and a qualified Psychology Practitioner-Therapeutic Coach with a background in psychology, business and fatigue. My specialty areas are fatigue and aphantasia. My experience includes supporting numerous global trauma, anxiety and relationship conferences featuring the worlds’ leading experts in these subjects, such as Alex Howard, Dr Gabor Maté, Dr Connirae Andreas and Dr Peter A. Levine. I have also had the pleasure of supporting hundreds of students as their coordinator in their own training to become a Therapeutic Coach. Further experience includes supporting students on their 12-week programmes to reset their nervous system following stress, trauma and illness—cultivating vast experience in the connection between physiological and psychological aspects of ourselves and how they can affect our wellbeing. I currently provide 1-1 sessions and group workshops.
A psychology practitioner begins to bridge the gap between practitioner and client in relation to aphantasia.