Jennifer McDougall

Phantasic. Exploring the extremes of human imagination. Chief Editor, Community Lead and Co-founder of Aphantasia Network.
In July 1963, Alice Grebanier's observation of a total solar eclipse marked a pivotal moment in her life. This event, merging scientific discovery with profound reflections on memory and emotion, showcases how moments of discovery can eclipse the limitations of memory recall in aphantasia.
Recent research has illuminated the challenges individuals with aphantasia face when remembering the past, shedding light on a concern that resonates deeply within our community.
How can one explain the experience of visualization to someone who has never experienced it? Enter the afterimage apple illusion.
Best-selling author discovers aphantasia. Discover the buzz behind John Green aphantasia discovery and its significance in the community.
Visualize (picture, imagine, whatever you want to call it) a ball on a table. Now, imagine someone walks up to the table and gives the ball a push. What happens to the ball?
The city of Rowlett, a suburb of Dallas, Texas, declares the world’s first Aphantasia Awareness Day on February 21, 2023.
Knowledge of our invisible differences dates back to 340 BC. Aristotle stands at the beginning of this history when imagination was not an established topic of discussion yet.
You may not be able to create images in your mind, but can you complete these mental rotation tasks?
Binocular rivalry and perceptual priming are just one of many possible objective measures for evaluating mental imagery strength and identifying aphantasia.
Discovering that your imagination works differently than most other people; That your inner world of imaginative experiences is not, in fact, the norm; can c...
December 8, 2020
When Tom and I first tell people about his experience of aphantasia we often get asked this question: Do you dream? Tom doesn’t dream visually, he drea...
December 18, 2019
Inspired by a post from reddit re: starting a public list of famous people with aphantasia. Here’s who we know so far: Blake Ross, Software Engineer, ...
August 30, 2019
There’s so much we have yet to discover about what it means to “learn with aphantasia.” Here’s a thought-provoking post from 2016, wh...
Whether you visualize – or not – it doesn’t define you, nor does it link with the quality of what you can produce. There are extraordinaril...
March 11, 2019
Some aphantasics prefer non-fiction over fiction or fantasy novels, as they cannot create mental images of scenes or characters. What’s your preference?
November 12, 2018
Aphantasia research is taking place at the following institutions globally (that we’re aware of): University of Exeter, UK, led by Dr. Adam Ze...