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So about a year ago I discovered in my cognitive psychology course that I am aphantasic. I’ve never been able to imagine things and hated meditating, because what’s so nice about seeing black and telling myself waves are moving or the sun is setting? I was shocked to find out that people literally saw these things and could actually hear singers and peoples voices, not their own.

Anyways, I love listening to music and I always have headphones on when I’m out or doing tasks that don’t require my full attention. I’ve noticed that I don’t get tired of songs, like if I like a song it will be played at least once a day until a new song catches my interest. Same thing for movies, I have a tendency to rewatch movies multiple times throughout the year.

My question is, do any fellow aphantasics not get tired of songs and movies? Of course we dislike certain songs and never want to hear them again, but do you get tired of songs you like? Do you ever feel that it has just been overplayed and now you can’t stand to hear it anymore? Same thing for movies, do you find you can watch things repetitively without getting tired of it?