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Nicolas Borches


Hi everyone,

So, I’ve been strugling a lot these past few months about the idea of Aphantasia. I’ve done a bunch of tests and read articles about this, but I can’t seem to spot a concise criteria of what it is to “create a visual image”.

My my question for all of you is the following: Do people without Aphantasia, close their eyes and see an image instead of blackness? Why do I ask this? I’m unsure whether I have Aphantasia. When I close my eyes and try to imagine something all I see is blackness, but I can somewhat recall the idea of the image. I cannot see that image in my mind, but I can “remember” it, if that makes any sense to you at all.

It feels as if I can create an image but in the backend of my mind, and I’m unable to bring it to the frontend (sorry, I’ve been working on development for some time and this analogy helps me).

Anyway, I hope someone there has found itself in the same situation as I have and can guide me on the correct path.

Thank you,