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Robert Schrewelius

A confused young adult.


Hello, my names Robert amd is 23 years old, i found the wired video about aphantastia today and also read that in some cases depression have made people develop it.

It got me thinking if its possible i have developed it, i can remember as a child i had such vivid imagination i even tried building a small car out of a old broken grill and all but as i habe become older i had a long period hardship mentally especially since 7th-9th grade where i had no friends or anything.

On top of that i suspect i have had depression for years without realizing before i got anti-depressants, the thing is ever since that hardship started ive had really bad imagination and much difficulty with things like disgning houses in The Sims.

Eventually i just do something until it fells like i did it well without thinking of what i want it to be and when people wamt me to recall how i came up with the idea of the design i have no idea.

Is this a possible sign of aphantasia or have i understood it completely wrong?