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Having only just discovered that aphantasia existed and that my non-visual cognitive processing is definitely not the norm, I’ve done some reading and found nothing in the academic literature (scant as it is) that mentions a so-called “cure.” However, I came across this site where someone claims to have found a technique that can kick start your “blank screen:”


It involves a technique called image streaming, a technique used to improve visual thinking and creativity. It involves exploring scenes in your mind by describing it in as much detail as possible, using all of your senses and verbalizing it out loud. As you verbalize the image, apparently you’ll see more.

I’m not convinced myself, I don’t think having a slowly fading image on your retina from looking at a bright light source is actually related to aphantasia so not sure it’s of relevance here. I can’t conjure up any images to even start ‘image streaming’.

It’d be interesting to know if anyone else has heard of, or tried this. I don’t feel traumatized by my discovery that almost everyone else has actual images they can conjure up, as I easily think of words to describe a scene, but it’d be nice if I had a chance to experience what it was like to create images in my head.

What do you think? Is there a cure? Have you tried image streaming? Would you want to experience it?

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