Tom Ebeyer

Founder of Aphantasia Network and one of the pioneering 21 cases that brought aphantasia to light. With a personal journey deeply intertwined with the phenomenon, Tom is at the forefront of raising awareness, fostering community, and championing the unique experiences of those with aphantasia
The concept of 'tokens' and 'types' helped me understand how we think differently: visualizers use specific imagery, while aphantasics excel in abstract thinking.
How do you stay motivated to achieve your goals if you can't visualize them? Discover alternative motivational strategies without visualization.
Knowledge of our invisible differences dates back to 340 BC. Aristotle stands at the beginning of this history when imagination was not an established topic of discussion yet.
How do you describe aphantasia? Founder of Aphantasia Network often gets asked this question. His answer? Think of a horse.
July 5, 2019
Describing aphantasia is no easy task, especially considering the fact that the phenomenon exists entirely in the privacy of our own minds. I like to use the...
Aphantasia isn’t limited to just visual imagination; it can impact all sensory imagery in the mind. For example, when most people go to a restaurant and see ...
November 12, 2018
I always find this question so interesting. For most of my life, I didn’t realize that others were actually visualizing their thoughts and memoriesR...
November 9, 2018
Give this a shot.. close your eyes and think a close friend or relative. Make sure they’re not in the room with you! Think about the contours of their ...