Imagination or Memory?

NatalieHodgson asked 2 months ago
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I have just completed the Imagination Spectrum Quiz (ISQ) and on some of the sound questions I could hear a sound in my head. However, when I needed to create a new sound/ imagine something I couldn’t hear anything.

I was wondering if I might be recalling sounds I have heard when answering the questions, instead of imagining. If I am mixing in memory, could this be a possible way I have adapted to having aphantasia?


Micktaa November 08, 2020 04:03 pm

What a thoughtful question .

I couldn’t find the quiz you’re talking about (from google search), but I’ve read prompts on imagining sound from one of the research surveys linked in the discussions.

I’m guessing I can’t create new sounds in my head either, at least not like a sound design artist in music production software.

But since I have references to a lot of sounds from being alive, I can adjust sounds in my head; I’ll explain.

I’ve played piano so I can make new tunes in my head from piano keys.

Same for some of the other instruments I’ve played.

If I’m making tunes up, I would default to one of the instruments I used to practice (it’s been over 5 years since I’ve really really practiced anything.)

For instruments I haven’t played, I think I could still imagine things depending on how familiar they are to me, but I’d have to really sit and try.

I’m currently at a diner and there is a song playing. I "borrowed" a sound from the song and tried twisting it. It’s hard, especially because the song is playing and distracting me at the same time, but I can do it.

I hope that helps with me being a 1 person example in regards to auditory imagination.

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